A range of applications that enable you to solve mathematical issues and expressions with ease

Of course, if you are a student, then you are always the fastest way to solve your duty. Among these duties, which many find difficult, is math. Many people do not like this article, although it is among the most important sciences that you should master. Programming and professionalism will need to understand some mathematical concepts. In order to overcome these difficulties, I propose to you today a set of applications that enable you to solve mathematical problems and expressions easily and with evidence and proof.

Among the most famous applications in the field of mobile to solve all expressions sports through the camera, this application enables you to solve any equation only running the application and pass the camera on the mathematical issue that you want to solve and will give you the solution directly on your phone screen with evidence and evidence. New as it's free.
DLD Calc
Another application, we talked about previously in the professional code, it is an excellent tool to solve most of the mathematical expressions that you may find difficult. The basic and important advantage in this application is that it offers you the proof and the complete solution to your computation. It is also a free application and you can download it on Google Play .
MyScript Calculator
One of the best applications in Google Play, unlike other applications, is that you can write any mathematical expression on it and convert it to a calculation and give you the result with the way to reach the solution. It will be very useful if you have a tablet.

This application will be the first thing you need to download in your phone. The application is designed to solve most of the equations and provide solutions and the way to access them step by step. After testing the application you may not be able to do without it afterwards.
Unlike the other applications, the application is supported by the Arabic language. It also supports the Arabic language. It enables you to find ways to solve any equation step by step, which enables you to understand the solution. Of course the application supports a lot of mathematical expressions.
Note: Of course, these applications do not recommend that you rely on them completely, but you should use them only to confirm the result.