Programming languages used in the most famous sites in the world

In most major sites, a single programming language is not enough to build sites perfectly. They use many programming languages ​​to build the site and fill in existing gaps, so that you can deal with this site with all the conveniences and without going into complicated details.

We may have heard about the programming language python, php, c ++, c # .. but little we hear about language D, F #, Go ... ..

In this article we will remind you of some of the programming languages ​​used in the most popular sites in the world and we know some languages ​​that we do not hear much about.

Most sites use javascript so we will not talk about sites that use this language because all the list I will mention is using them.
The programming languages ​​used in Google are: C, C ++, Go, Java, Python

Database: BigTable


Also known as golang, a software language developed by Google in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, Ken Thompson.

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The programming languages ​​used on Facebook are: PHP, C ++, Java, Python, FPML, Erlang, D, Xhp

MySQL database, Cassandra


A software language used extensively in communications, banking, e-commerce, telephony and instant messaging, designed by Ericsson in 1986 by Joe Armstrong.


It is a purpose-oriented language designed by Walter Bright in 2001 to modify some things in C ++


Php with some additions is a more extensive way to write Php developed by Facebook.
Programming languages ​​used in YouTube: C, C ++, Python, Java, Flash

Database: MySQL, BigTable
Programming languages ​​used in the Yahoo site: PHP

Database: MySQL
The programming languages ​​used in the MSN site are: ASP.NET

Database: Microsoft SQL Server
Programming languages ​​used in the Wikipedia site: PHP

Database: MySQL, MariaDB
Programming languages ​​used in Twitter: C ++, Java, Scala, Ruby on Rails

Database: MySQL

Scala: Object Oriented Programming Language is a flexible, easy and secure language designed by Martin Odersky in 2003.
Programming languages ​​used in Amazon: Java, J2EE, C ++, Perl

Database: Oracle, MySQL

SYweb   Ø³ÙŠØ±ÙŠØ§ ويب


Programming languages ​​used in SYweb: php

Database: Oracle, MySQL