The difference between a designer and a programmer and how to be a professional

The difference between a designer and a programmer and how to be a professional

Through our browsing the Internet, we are on hundreds or thousands of sites, Arabic and English, and the design is different and the two sites are not the same design, despite the number of sites very large and growing on a daily basis, and also viewed the dynamic sites and interaction with visitors, such as Facebook, Twitter and Paypal.

Have you ever wondered how to do these things?
In this post we will answer this question and clarify some concepts, God willing.
In the beginning, the Internet world is divided into three sections:
• Designer
• Programmer
• Developer
Designer: The person who designs web pages, which is the form that you see when you visit any site, which includes:
- Texts
- Pictures
- Videos
- Listings
- Tables
- Buttons
- Input and output fields
- Margins
- Funds
There are many others, of course there are some terms and concepts to be understood by only those who work in this area and can not be mentioned now.

Programming languages ​​that must be learned to master the design:
- HTML 5
- CSS 3
- JavaScript
This list is one of the best and most popular programming languages ​​in the world of website design and development, taking into account that JavaScript is classified as a programming language and not a design language as in previous languages.

Programmer: is the person who comes to work after the designer, that is when the designer finishes the design of the site, comes the programmer of the site programming, namely giving the site especially dynamic, linking the site's pages with each other
In this case it is called a programmer or a cipher.

For example, when you enter a site and ask you to sign in, you will type your user name and password in the custom space that the designer designed, and after clicking the log in button, the site will connect to the database and verify the information you entered and then display the requested page.
The most important programming languages ​​used in this field are:
- C #
- Ruby
- Paython
The programming languages ​​used in dealing with the databases Vshahrha:
It is the most popular language and can be considered single if measured in other database languages
Developer: A person who designs and programming a website without the help of anyone, can create a complete site from scratch.
The developer must be familiar with the design, programming languages ​​and languages ​​that deal with the databases.

The most famous languages ​​taught by designers are:
- HTML 5
- CSS 3
- JavaScript
- Php
- MySql
These languages ​​are enough to make you a professional developer that is well versed.