14 Interesting fact you do not know about the Internet .. Discover it with us now

  1. Sister Mary Kenneth of Ohio, was the first woman to obtain a doctorate degree in computer science in the United States of America.


  1. The founder of Pixar was expelled from Disney because he felt they had to use the computer in graphics!


  1. Student "Taylor Conner" hacked his school computers in school and was raising the degrees of his colleagues in exchange for money from them!


  1. The first "World Wide Web" was launched by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990.


  1. The first search engine on the Internet is the Archie engine launched in 1990 by a group of researchers.


  1. The first bank or electronic bank was launched in 1994 under the name "First Virtual Holdings" and was providing most of the services of ebay and paypal before the establishment of these services.


  1. Google's name came from an error in pronunciation of the word Googol, which means one number followed by a hundred zero.


  1. The first online e-mail was sent in 1971 by e-mail creator Ray Tomlinson.


  1. Did you know that in the past domain registration was subsidized free of charge until 1995 when the National Science Foundation imposed domain registration fees because of the huge demand on the domains!


  1. In 1956 launched a supercomputer can store 5 MB and weighed more than a ton!


  1. Evolution of technology over time

Did you know that this is a hard drive?

Yes, it is a 1960 hard disk with a storage capacity of 10 MB. Now you can compare your own USB, which you can easily carry in your pocket, and compare it with this relatively large hard disk, and then you will know that what the technology reached today did not come between night It is rather a result of years of continuous research and development.


  1. 70% of creators in the creation and programming of viruses work with a contract with organizations.


  1. Until September 14, 1995, domain name registration was free.


  1. Mosaic was the first popular Web browser, released in 1993.