How to keep your smartphone battery for as long as possible

The use of smart phones is becoming inevitable as it is not only a traditional means of communication but also a means of communication between users of different categories, whether in the study Or work and others because smart phones contain many important applications for users.

But there is always a downside to the users of these phones, the battery and how long the day-to-day tasks of users on smart phones can be completed before they are recharged, as the best battery-powered phones barely provide nine hours of daily work.

But in the face of addiction to social networking sites, especially Facebook and Snab Chat and Extragam these phones hardly bear the continuity in the performance of the battery so there must be certain ways to increase the length of battery life, which we will summarize through the following points:

  • Minimize the use of various communication options when not in use

Some recent studies indicate that many users rarely close their various phone networks such as Bluetooth, GPS and data packets at times when they do not really need them, and as these devices are known to cause significant energy consumption, The battery is noticeable, so it is best to turn on communication devices such as Bluetooth and GPS networks when needed and close them if the work is completed.

  • Minimize the use of social networking applications

We always focus on most articles about battery consumption and its impact on social networking applications, especially the Facebook application, which consumes more than 73% in the background, and can rely on Facebook and enjoy all its advantages through the browser, so strongly recommend trying to minimize the use of communication applications and replace Via the browser or applications offering the same experience but with low performance such as Facebook Lite or Twitter Lite.

  • Minimize the lighting of the device

Before the process of reducing the lighting of the device is one of the reasons that increase the life of the battery you should know that this is for your safety in the first instance, where many doctors pointed out that the high levels of light in the smart phones caused many of the problems of visual users.

To increase battery efficiency, we recommend that you reduce the intensity or use the automatic mode of the device so that the device will be able to control the lighting of the phone and increase and reduce automatically.

  • Use the power save mode of the battery

In modern Android versions such as Android Marshmallow and Android Noga, Google has taken a lot of interest in improving the battery. It has improved the power saving options of the battery through normal mode and advanced mode that allows the user to use the device for more than 15 hours.

These are some of the points that enable you to help increase the battery life and we will between the time and the other touch some other advantages that help the user in reducing energy consumption.