How to choose the right hosting

How to choose the right hosting for you A question posed by many of the owners of sites and the importance of this topic will talk about it accurately and thoroughly so that the owners of sites to benefit from when booking a hosting for their site, let us know together the steps you need to know how to choose a suitable hosting for you.

How to Choose the Right Hosting for Your Site:

There are a lot of steps that we have to study well so that we learn how to choose the appropriate hosting for us as they get rid of the following:

1-Choice Guaranteed Hosting:

There are a lot of companies on the Internet, which offer hosting service. Unfortunately, most of these companies are divided into two famous companies and have a lot of customers around the world and other companies suddenly appear at the most attractive offers and the same at the same time, which is a lot of victims, these companies are enriching the type of services and cheaper prices And suddenly these companies fade from existence, causing a lot of losses to the owners of sites so be careful to always choose a famous company with a good reputation to ensure that the loss of the owner forever.

2-Find the right hosting price:

Perhaps this is one of the most important steps that you should be aware of during the booking of hosting, because many people fall prey to that problem is not to choose the appropriate prices for their potential when booking a host must search for hosting companies that provide prices suitable to your potential to avoid any problems can It affects you badly.

3-Choose the right hosting type:

Before you make a reservation, you must know the type of hosting that is suitable for you. As we know, there are a lot of types that we know through previous articles and every type of hosting has its uses, the work of a small site is different from the work of a huge site and if the type of hosting contrary to the nature and possibilities of the site Your results will be very bad so always be sure to choose the type of hosting that fits the nature of your site to avoid any problems in the future.



4-Hosting support for search engines:

When you choose any hosting you should make sure that it is supported by the search engines because that is very important to the success of any site there are a lot of extras on the Internet that do not support the search engines so always be careful to talk with the customer service company that offers hosting to inquire whether private hosting Their search engines support whether or not the turnout is on your hosting booking.

5- support hosting for the language used in programming your site:

Always make sure to host your site to make sure that your hosting support for the programming language of your site there are a lot of hosts that support only a limited number of programming languages, so be sure to support the hosting that you choose to work your site.

6-Provide appropriate protection for your site:

The most important thing to owners of sites is to provide appropriate protection for their sites and as we know there are some hosting companies that do not provide appropriate protection for the site in them, so be careful when you choose any hosting to make sure to provide a suitable protection service to host you to ensure that the data does not penetrate or steal it.

7- Provide a good technical support service:

Perhaps one of the most important things that must be available in any hosting company is to have a good technical support service so you can get the best service at any time so be sure to ask anyone with experience in the hosting companies to get the best hosting companies that provide technical support team Good to ensure that any problem can be solved at any time.

And thus we know the best steps that must be sure of availability in hosting when choosing to host our site to ensure access to the appropriate hosting I wish God to have been able to explain the subject in a simple and interesting way to our readers and now we will talk about the types of hosting.

Web Hosting Types:

There are many misconceptions about web hosting in the Arab world. This article explains what is the correct concept of hosting and what is the difference between hosting types so that it is easy for website owners to choose the type of hosting that suits their sites.

Web hosting is to host a server or Internet server materials and contents of a particular site and links the domain of this site with the address of the IP server can be divided into types of hosting to:

Types of Hosting:

1 - free hosting: in this type of hosting tends to many people because it is hosting free but there are many problems facing the owners of sites on the free hosting such as:

  • The free hosting company can stop the site of any client if the customer's website form any pressure on the server or the server will monitor the company because there is no law or restrictions to keep your site on the server
  • If there is any problem on your site at any time, it can take a few days or weeks to solve the problem because there is no one from the company or customer service throughout the day to help you.
  • You can lose all data of your site in any problem or any defect in your site and there is no responsibility for the company that lost your site there is no service back to your site when the hosting companies free
  • The hosting company will make advertisements on your site without any profit to the owner of the site and can not the owner of the site to cancel these ads
  • You can not control your site files and you can not get a CD, but there are some free hosting companies to offer, but in the narrowest

2 - hosting paid and it is divided into:

  • Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting is hosting your data on more than one hosting server and not one server just as happens in other types of hosting and there are many advantages

Cloud hosting:

- Cloud hosting provides the best protection.

- Automatically improve the performance of your site and improve its speed automatically, making your site in the best performance

- Privacy for each site on the cloud hosting service

- The stability of the site permanently and there are many other advantages

  • Dedicated servers: In this type of hosting you use the server on your own and in fact all the server resources are dedicated to you, which is not shared by anyone. There are many advantages that distinguish servers from others:

- The server is characterized by the strength of unlimited resources.

- Prefer private servers for large site owners.

- Also features the security of your site and protect your data and most of the large hosting companies that provide the service of private servers.

- Special resource server.

  • Shared Web Hosting: This type of hosting is what we will talk about it is one of the strongest types of web hosting in our time and addressed to many of the owners of sites.

- Low cost.

- The site can be upgraded at any time.

- You do not need to have experience in the field of web hosting.

- Do not require server or operating system monitoring and problem solving, the hosting company does all of this.

- There are many other advantages.

After we have finished all kinds of hosting and talked about the free hosting and disadvantages and the difference between them and the other types of hosting paid and give away the advantages of each of these addresses we will talk about hosting Godaddy in detail and simple:

The decision to set up a website, be it a sports site, a news website, an online store, or any type of website, needs to determine the type of hosting you need and then you need to purchase a domain (you may not need that step because there are some hosting companies that offer a free domain when purchasing a hosting through You can create a WordPress blog or create a Joomla blog easily by relying on Wordpress or Joomla script. If you want to excel, you will go to a web design company to design the website. Location Using special programming

Finally, it is your turn to add content whether it is articles or videos or images and the important in that stage that the content of your site exclusive and not repeated to be distinct from the competition sites and gain the confidence of visitors to your site and search engines and we will show one of the top 10 foreign hosting companies hosting Godaddy Godaddy At Cyria Web we recommend that our customers usually use Godaddy hosting.

What is Godaddy?

Godaddy Hosting Plans

Advantages and Disadvantages of Godaddy

What is Godaddy Godaddy

Godaddy is one of the most famous domain registration sites in the world. It was founded in 1997 and has more than 17 million customers. In addition to Domains registration service, it provides web hosting service through 4 hosting plans in addition to hosting WordPress hosting in addition to hosting Servers do not support RSS hosting or cloud hosting. If you want to buy a hosting that supports cloud hosting, you can rely on hosting BlueHost or hosting HostGetor.

Shared Hosting Plans at Godaddy Godaddy

Godaddy Hosting offers 4 shared hosting plans suitable for beginners, small site owners and owners of medium sites. These plans are characterized by:

  • Free domain registration
  • Support for the world-class C-Panal control panel
  • Back up your file recovery location
  • Traffic "Your monthly number of visitors" is unlimited
  • Install WordPress script as well as 125 other scripts with the click of a button
  • 1 GB MySQL databases
  • Support 24 hours a week against DDoS hacking attacks
  • You can purchase additional resources (CPU, RAM) with the click of a button

Characteristics of the first hosting plan in Godaddy Godaddy: -

  • Hosting only one site
  • 100 GB hosting space
  • Only one CPUs processor
  • Memory Stick 512 MB
  • 10 MySQL databases with 1 GB
  • The cost of the hosting plan is $ 7.99 / month

Characteristics of the second hosting plan in Godaddy Godaddy: -

  • Unlimited Web Hosting
  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Only one CPUs processor
  • Memory Stick 512 MB
  • 25 MySQL database with 1 GB
  • The cost of the hosting plan is $ 10.99 / month

Characteristics of the third hosting plan in Godaddy Godaddy:

  • Unlimited Web Hosting
  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Two CPUs
  • 1 GB memory memory
  • Unlimited MySQL databases with 1 GB
  • The cost of the hosting plan is $ 16.99 / month

Characteristics of the fourth hosting plan at Godaddy Godaddy:

  • Unlimited Web Hosting
  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Two CPUs
  • 2 GB memory memory
  • Unlimited MySQL databases with 1 GB
  • Cost plan hosting $ 29.99 / month

Features of Goodady Hosting Company

You will find in our website the best hosting sites show the advantages and disadvantages of hosting Godaddy in full and detailed, but if you do not want to refer to the detailed topic,

The advantages of hosting Godaddy

  1. Good running time of 99.96%
  2. Good hosting speed of 455 milliseconds.
  3. Additional services with hosting plans
  4. Register a free domain

5 - Support different types of web hosting services

  1. Support C-Panel control panel