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Book Surveillance cameras in 6 hours download link available now
The first Arabic book to explain in practical terms photos surveillance cameras
The book is 161 pages explaining in practical and theoretical terms
The book does not require any prior knowledge of the cameras
book's content :-
Chapter 1: Introduction to surveillance cameras
Chapter 2: Tools and equipment used
Chapter Three: The basic components of the system
Chapter 4: SLR Cameras
Chapter 5: Specifications of cameras
Chapter 6: Carrier medium
Chapter 7: Fastening devices
Chapter 8: How to extend the camera with electricity
Chapter 9: Sound
Chapter 10: Methods of connection and applications used to watch cameras over the Internet
Chapter Eleven: Integrated Project (CCTV, IP and PTZ)
Chapter 12: How to Start Your Own Project
(How do I start my business in CCTV?)
Annex I presents:

# Problems _ in_cameras and solutions, we pose most of the problems that you face in the labor market and the most recent faults and how to solve and follow the error.
For those interested in the book:

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