Why websites are important to everyone

Websites A web site is a collection of web pages, which is a single entity that is usually owned by one person or organization and dedicated to one or several topics


A website is defined as a number of pages that are linked to each other by different links, which are stored on the same server. This site can be accessed through the use of a computer loaded with the Internet browser, and a web site. Mobile devices, and tablets.

Web sites are modern tools that help to connect people to each other, and the circulation of information and circulation, it is of great importance and great indescribable, so we find a great demand from different types of people and we web design company to create websites, whether public or specialized to achieve the public or private interest Both, the following is a statement of the importance of maximum websites in human life.

2.The importance of websites

1.Helps connect people with each other, through public or specialized forums, social networking sites, online dating sites, or any other site that provides commentary on material that is published to the public.

2.Information is provided to the various people free of charge, through encyclopedic sites and specialized sites of certain types of science and knowledge. This is why everyone who wants to know is able to acquire it. The different people can get the right information in many times with ease.

3.Problems solved the lack of time, and the lack of money for people, through the acceleration of the completion of routine work, especially government work, most of the work today can be implemented very easily and quickly through specialized websites such things as government sites, .

4.Make it easier for people to shop through e-shopping sites, where people can purchase anything they need from anywhere in the world through these sites. These sites are highly reliable and easy to make money with.

5.It facilitated the individuals who wish to complete their educational journey by doing this through distance learning through communication with the university to which the student has joined. In this context, the websites facilitated the regular students in the universities to inspect their marks and conditions, and communicate with their teachers from Through student gates available on the websites of these universities.

6.Some of them have been able to provide different types of entertainment for people. People can watch television channels, play entertaining and useful games, watch movies, read books, watch cartoons, watch videos, and many more. Place in the world, anytime.

7.Through some websites can start private businesses that generate a good income on individuals, leading to financial independence.

8.We web design company create website for you business concern with responsive and custom design.


3.Website History:

 The development of the World Wide Web was initiated in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee and his colleagues at CERN, an international scientific organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, where they created the Hypertext Transfer Protocol in English

(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), which unites servers and clients. Text-based web browsers were available for release in January 1992, when the World Wide Web gained rapid acceptance when a Web browser named Mosaic was developed in English: Mosaic, By Mark Andersen and others at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois and launched in September 1993


Life was a long time ago. It was not easy to provide everyday needs. It required a great deal of effort, but the situation did not stay the same. Various developments began to slowly and gradually invade the world. Now life is easier and more comfortable. Everything is now done with the push of a button without bothering. For example, commerce in ancient times required travel and immigration from one country to another, but now all commercial transactions are done from home. Make no effort, through e-commerce, what trade e? What is its importance to man?



4.Electronic commerce:

 E-commerce is a recent term, which has recently emerged. It refers to the activities and commercial transactions carried out using information technology, communication means and the Internet. The Internet is the most important, but despite the recent era of its emergence, it has made a huge leap in the field of trade. With great ease and ease, as it has provided many benefits to humanity, both at the level of individuals, or at the level of enterprises and businesses, or at the level of society as a whole, the importance of e-commerce:

5.Importance of e-commerce

Benefits to Individuals:

It provided the opportunity for many individuals to work from their homes and enabled them to do business and development without the presence of capital to generate huge profits and hard currency.

Open the doors to the work of housewives, people with special needs and retirees to work in this area of ​​their homes, which has made them an important role in the development process.

All individuals have been able to complete all their business transactions within a very short period of time, at any time of day and from any place on the Earth's surface.

Send goods easily and super fast, especially in the case of electronic products.

Allow individuals to exchange views and experiences on services and products through e-communities on the Internet.

Benefits to companies and businesses:

E-commerce has enabled the expansion of the market to reach an international and global scale.

Reduce the costs of establishing, processing, distributing, archiving and retrieving electronic information.

E-commerce has enabled companies to manufacture their products as desired by the buyer, which makes that company a priority among other companies.

E-commerce has reduced the time-lag between paying money and getting products and services.

Benefits to the community:

Electronic commerce allows the completion of work from home, which reduces congestion, especially traffic congestion and pollution resulting from it.

It is possible to find goods through cheap e-commerce, which enabled low-income people to purchase them.

This trade enabled people living in Third World countries to obtain products and goods not available in their countries.

6.Types of websites

 There are several types of websites, including the following:

Websites: Sites designed for the purpose of selling products or services, often ending up with the Internet address of these sites. com

Country code locations: Websites from other countries contain the country code at the end, for example, Great Britain, UK, and Canada .ca

Educational Sites: The purpose of this type of site is to provide information about a particular educational institution, and ends its Internet address b. edu

Entertainment Sites: The purpose of this type of sites is entertainment and entertainment, often ending up with their own web address by com.

Government sites: The purpose of this type of site is to provide information issued by government agencies, offices and departments, and the information provided by government websites is usually very reliable, and often ends with their own web address in .gov

Military Sites: The purpose of this type of site is to provide information about the army, and ends its Internet address with .mil

News Sites: The purpose of this type of website is to provide information about current events, and ends its Internet address at .com

Sites of organizations: The purpose of this type of site is to defend or promote the opinion of the individual or group view, and ends its Internet address b. org

Personal sites: The purpose of this type of site is to provide information about the individual, but the Internet address has a variety of endings.