Why should every novice programmer or professional learn Python

Python is one of the best programming languages ​​ever created. They are based on simple English commands that make it easy to remember. Of course the code written in this language is easy to read and requires little knowledge, but can be used in very complex tasks such as the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning in many other areas. In this article, I will mention 5 reasons why every programmer must learn Python. But, first, let's discuss some Python features.
Important features of Python:

• One of the most distinctive languages ​​in terms of simplicity and strength, as it is considered very good for beginners in terms of the complexity of written sentences
• There are standard and varied libraries to facilitate the programming of any program, no matter how complex.
• If a program is compared to JAVA, Python tends to be shorter than 3-5 times while shorter than 5 to 10 times compared to C ++.
Python language supports multiple formats such as objective, objective and functional programming.
• Can handle most database systems.
• Open source ie you do not need to buy them.
• Works on many platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac.

Why should every programmer learn Python?

1. Easy to learn from beginners

If you are a beginner and want to enter the programming world, the best solution is to start with Python. It is easy to learn. It is a supported language such as JavaScript, Java, C #, C ++, Ruby and other major programming languages. Learning this language will make it easier to adapt to other environments.

2. Widely used for AI development and automatic learning

Recently, Python programmers are using to improve scientific programming. The researchers and academic researchers used MATLAB in their scientific research. Researchers can now use Python's digital math engines such as Scipy and Numpy. They can now solve complex calculations.

Python's flexible language, which is the fastest and offers many functions for automated learning. Researchers increasingly prefer to use Python and soon this language will dominate the educational learning landscape.

3. Unlimited resources

Python is an open source language, many people are always trying to make improvements to it and thus they benefit from the rapid development with modern and current trends. If a programmer encounters challenges or encounters technical problems, he or she can ask for help from members of the Python community using forums such as Facebook, Twitter and Question-Answer websites. These sites have thousands of members and thus you will eventually get a satisfactory answer.


4. Most of the jobs in the market require Python programmers
Demand for Python programmers has increased significantly over the years. In 2014, when the demand for IT recruitment fell by 5%; Python developers increased by 8.7%.

Python is heavily used by famous and well-known companies such as Yahoo, Google, Nokia, Disney and IBM. While comparing the different programming languages; in 2013, Python achieved the highest growth in demand for jobs by 19%. Python programmers are increasingly seeking their jobs and skills.


5. One of the best languages ​​for web development
Python offers many options to choose from when programming the web. Python has a set of framework for developing websites. What makes Python wonderful is that the development program takes shorter time when using Python than PHP if it takes hours complete.